Speaker mesh manufacturer Jianchang Hardware provides stainless steel speaker mesh for a long time

2022-08-18 11:30

It is reported that to meet the needs of our customers in the future, Jianchang Hardware, a speaker mesh manufacturer, still provides various stainless steel speaker meshes for a long time. According to reports, the stainless steel speaker mesh supplied by Jianchang Hardware, a speaker mesh manufacturer, has the following characteristics: 1. It is used in smart phones and high-end mobile phone speaker meshes. 2. It belongs to the low cost of mold opening, and can be changed arbitrarily according to the design requirements of the designer, and the cost is low. 3. It can realize half a moment of metal speaker net, increase company LOGO, and realize brand transformation. 4. The stainless steel speaker mesh produced by it has extremely high precision, which can reach the precision of +/-0.0075mm, which can meet the assembly requirements of different products. 5. High quality, no burrs, pressure points, no deformation of the product, no change in material properties, and no impact on the function of the product. 6. Products with complex shapes can also be etched without additional cost. 7. Thick and thin materials can be processed in the same way to meet the requirements of different assembly components. 8. Almost all metals can be etched, and there are no restrictions on various pattern designs. 9. Manufacture of metal parts that cannot be completed by various types of machining. For more information about the stainless steel speaker mesh supplied by Jianchang Hardware, a speaker mesh manufacturer, you can log on to the speaker mesh manufacturer's website to learn. Dongguan Jianchang Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a company that provides components (including fuse clips, terminal blocks, stainless steel shrapnel, transformer brackets, plug pin hardware, electrical appliance hardware, grounding sheets, etc.) for manufacturers of home appliances, communications, and computers. A large-scale enterprise integrating development, production and sales. The company relies on strong technical equipment and professional technicians. In order to meet market demand, the company imports advanced equipment from abroad to improve production capacity. Over the years, the company relies on strong design, development, and manufacturing capabilities, so that product quality has won the majority of customers. The hardware components (including fuse clips, transformer brackets, plugs and speaker nets, etc.) produced have been well received by customers, and some products have been successfully exported to some countries in Southeast Asia.