Three different forms of terminal fatal failure

2022-08-18 11:29

Three different forms of terminal fatal failure , and the transmission of current or signal, and other matching contacts on the connector, so the contacts must be good in structure, and have a stable and reliable release holding force, or have good electrical conductivity. Because the structural design of the contact parts is unreasonable, and the selection of materials is wrong, the mold is unstable, and the size of the processing is relatively poor. Seriously, the surface is very rough. These factors will lead to poor contact. 2. Poor insulation: The major role of insulation is to ensure that the contacts can be arranged correctly, and to promote good insulation between the contacts and the contacts, as well as between the contacts and the housing. Therefore, the insulating parts must have good electrical properties, as well as mechanical properties and process forming properties. 3. Poor fixation: The insulating parts cannot function as insulation. Under normal circumstances, they will provide good protection for the contact parts. The main thing is that they have better installation and positioning, and can be directly locked or fixed on the equipment. , and if the fixation is not good, the light one will affect the reliability of the contact, and there may be an instant power failure, and if it is serious, it will directly lead to the disintegration of the product. Dongguan Jianchang Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a company that provides components (including fuse clips, terminal blocks, stainless steel shrapnel, transformer brackets, plug pin hardware, electrical appliance hardware, grounding sheets, etc.) for manufacturers of home appliances, communications, and computers. A large-scale enterprise integrating development, production and sales. The company relies on strong technical equipment and professional technicians. In order to meet market demand, the company imports advanced equipment from abroad to improve production capacity. Over the years, the company relies on strong design, development, and manufacturing capabilities, so that product quality has won the majority of customers. The hardware components (including fuse clips, transformer brackets, plugs and speaker nets, etc.) produced have been well received by customers, and some products have been successfully exported to some countries in Southeast Asia.