What factors will lead to poor insulation performance of cold-pressed terminals

2022-08-18 11:28

If we have not touched the cold-pressed terminal beforehand, or have no understanding of the cold-pressed terminal, how should we effectively solve it when the insulation performance of the cold-pressed terminal deteriorates? Let the professionals explain it to you below! , I hope the following content can help you! If the cold-pressed terminal or the wiring terminal has poor contact, it is basically caused by the pressure on the external cable. Therefore, the touch piece must have a good structure and be very stable in function. Unreasonable, resulting in poor selection of materials, and serious errors in processing, these factors will directly lead to cold-pressed terminals, or serious functional deterioration of wiring terminals, which is why there is a touch Bad cause. The cold-pressed terminal with poor insulation itself can be placed at any touch piece, and the touch piece and the shell are insulated from each other, which is also the fatal factor of the cold-pressed terminal, especially the cold-pressed terminal with high density. Terminals, because the insulating parts have a lot of metal objects on the surface and inside, if they come into contact with harmful gases, they will form conductive channels for ions. The result is self-evident, and poor insulation is inevitable. However, if the solid insulation is not good, it will not have any insulation effect. Previously, the solid insulation was mainly used to protect the touch parts, and to position and lock the device. Instantaneous power failure occurs, and in severe cases, the product will crash directly.