Why do cold-pressed terminals get worse and worse in insulation performance

2022-08-18 11:26

If we do not know much about the performance of cold-pressed terminals or wiring terminals, how can we effectively solve the problem of poor insulation performance? And what are the effects of this problem on the cold-pressed terminals? Let's take a look at the factors that cause the insulation performance of cold-pressed terminals to deteriorate. Whether it is a cold-pressed terminal or a poor contact of the wiring terminal, it is basically because the external cable is under pressure, which has higher requirements on the structure of the contact piece, and the function should be more stable, so that the The impact is also unimaginable, so everyone should pay attention to this issue. Because the contact parts in the cold-pressed terminal are unreasonable in structure, and the key considerations are not taken into account when selecting, and the mold is not very stable in use, or if there are errors during processing, it will actually lead to insulation. The performance deteriorates and affects the normal performance of its entire performance. The cold-pressed terminal with poor insulation performance is prevented from appearing in the process of use, ensuring the mutual insulation between the contact piece and the housing, which is one of the main properties of the insulation piece, and when it declines, it will be serious. It will affect the use of the equipment and may cause personal injury to the operator, so the selection should be careful. However, this cold-pressed terminal is widely used in insulating parts with relatively high density, and the surface or interior of many insulating parts are basically made of metal residues, so the absorption of harmful substances will be more. Obviously, but it will be affected to some extent on the conduction path of ions. If the solid cold-pressed terminal does not have the corresponding function of insulation in terms of insulation performance, then the solid insulator will not provide sufficient protection for the cold-pressed terminal, as well as in the positioning of the device, and Locking and other related functions, but if the fixing is not good, there will be a power outage in an instant.