How much do you know about terminals

2022-08-18 11:25

Speaking of the terminal, it is actually a part that connects the battery to the external conductor. in our electrical engineering. Terminals generally refer to wiring terminals, so many times we also call them wiring terminals. In terms of its types, there are many types such as single hole, double hole, socket, hook, etc. From the material, it is also made of different materials such as copper silver plating, copper galvanizing, copper, aluminum, iron and so on. to make. Regarding the terminal, one of its main functions is to transmit electrical signals or play a conductive role. Here, we must know that when it is in the project, it is mainly the project before the station, and it is for the project after the station. The reserved interface, and to be precise, it is also an important pre-embedded facility for the post-station interface project. As far as the terminal itself is concerned, its cross-section inspection microscope can directly generate an upright three-dimensional spatial image when observing the object accurately, and its three-dimensional sense is very strong, and in terms of imaging, it is also Relatively clear and wide, in this case, it has a relatively long working distance. In this case, it is more convenient for us. Generally speaking, it is equipped with a measurement and analysis system of high-precision wire harness terminal pictures, so that it can be combined into a wire harness terminal inspection microscope, and if it is perfectly combined with a high-quality optical system and a high-resolution camera, it will allow us to The cross-sectional image is more clean, and its unique fixed-magnification function will make our measurement more accurate. Here, we need to know that for the detection of terminal pressure, if we want to determine whether it is good or not, we must have professional testing equipment to test it. In this case, our common testing equipment is probably the terminal cross-section analyzer. (MQ-200E) too. The above words are some simple introductions about the terminals, I hope they can be helpful to you.