How to identify the material of the crimping structure of the plug-in terminal?

2022-08-18 11:24

For the plug-in terminal block, especially for the terminal block with 5.0/5.08 spacing, it is actually two of the most common types in the market. One of them is the copper wire frame, which is also in our industry. If we talk about it, it is also a copper product that we often compare; the other is iron pressure wire frame, which is a so-called iron product, or a semi-copper product. If the terminal itself comes from, it actually exists as an imported product. Originally, we only need a copper product, and after localization, if it is to cater to our domestic and international market diversification, or it is directly due to cost considerations, in this case Under the words, it is only with iron products appearing. In terms of most low-voltage environments, for two products, it is actually in terms of use, and the difference is actually not big. In this case, it may lead to the consumption of some of our terminals. The user is directly dancing, or there is a situation where it is used incorrectly. As a component of power and signal transmission, if you make the wrong choice or use our terminal blocks, it is very likely that a great hidden danger will be buried. loss caused. In this case, we have to make a better judgment on the material of the terminal. First of all, we have to judge the material of the terminal from the appearance, directly disassemble it, and then observe the shape of the crimping frame, which must correspond to its various crimping frames; If the structural material of the terminal crimping wire is identified, it can also be tested by magnet attraction. The iron crimping frame can be attracted, and the copper crimping frame cannot be attracted.