What is the role of spot welding on terminals?

2022-08-18 11:23

Spot welding of fuse clips and terminals mainly refers to the proper spot welding of the terminals on the contact surface of the joint position. However, it should be noted that when spot welding of terminals, the terminals themselves must have a relatively good quality. the plasticity of welding. Pin-shaped bare terminals and terminals must ensure that the surface of the terminals is clean enough before spot welding, otherwise there will be many related failures, which will seriously affect the performance of the terminals. When the terminal is spot welded, it is a fast and relatively low investment fixed method, and it does not have too high requirements for sealing, which is very in line with the relevant conditions of the terminal. Because the terminal itself has relatively good connection characteristics, under normal circumstances, ordinary tools can make electrical connections to the terminal, so spot welding is relatively uncommon for the terminal.