Introduction to the use and characteristics of SUS304 stainless steel speaker mesh

2022-08-18 11:21

It is reported that Jianchang, a speaker mesh manufacturer, is currently supplying various types of speaker meshes, among which stainless steel speaker meshes are welcomed by customers. It is understood that SUS304 stainless steel horn net is recognized by customers among the stainless steel horn nets it supplies. So do you know the characteristics and uses of the SUS304 stainless steel speaker mesh supplied by Jianchang, a speaker mesh manufacturer? If you don't understand, you can continue reading, and the following speaker net manufacturer Jianchang will tell you in the future. According to reports, the reason why SUS304 stainless steel speaker mesh is popular is because this type of speaker mesh has the characteristics of long service life, wide application range, uniform etching and processing lines, no burrs, no gaps, better processing effect and so on. And it is this high-quality feature that makes the SUS304 stainless steel speaker mesh supplied by speaker mesh manufacturers widely used in speaker meshes in the fields of smartphones, notebook computers, tablet computers, and wearable devices.