Metal speaker mesh gradually fades out of the notebook speaker mesh market

2022-08-18 11:20

According to the speaker network manufacturer Jianchang Speaker Network, the metal speaker network is gradually fading out of the notebook speaker network market, and replaced by the plastic material speaker network. It is understood that for the sake of appearance, more and more notebook manufacturers have begun to use plastic materials, such as pvc, pc, pet, pp, ps and other materials in the choice of notebook speaker nets. In the past, due to the large proportion of metal speaker mesh and the appearance of plastic, it has gradually faded out of the accessory product market of notebook speaker speaker mesh. Notebook audio speaker nets were gradually eliminated by the market due to technical reasons in the era when metal speaker nets were used. With the use of plastic notebook speaker nets, its advantages gradually emerged, and more and more new styles of notebook speaker speaker nets appeared, which greatly improved the appearance of notebook speakers. In the era of pursuing fashion, the plastic notebook speaker net undoubtedly makes the development of notebook audio speakers at the forefront of the trend.