Discussion on the overall shape processing of loudspeaker net

2022-08-18 11:19

The speaker mesh also has certain processing requirements for its overall shape in the production process. The following speaker mesh manufacturer Jianchang Hardware will discuss with you about the overall shape processing method of the speaker mesh. The overall shape of the speaker mesh is generally relatively simple, and the finishing process of the ordinary electrode can be used. For the processing method where the top surface is an arc surface, the speaker mesh manufacturer Jianchang Hardware recommends the cross-parallel processing method. You can choose Φ 10R5 discarded insert tool, from two directions of 45° and 135°, or use an appropriate angle according to the specific shape of the electrode, to perform parallel surface processing. The whole process requires the use of a tool, especially when the shape is large, it should be processed from two different diagonal corners to reduce the defects caused by processing during the processing. As for the processing parameters, the speaker mesh manufacturer Jianchang Hardware believes that it can generally be set as: the spindle speed S=8000 rev/min, the feed speed F=4500 mm/min, and the processing step distance Setp=0.2mm. After finishing the top surface of the speaker mesh, use sandpaper to treat the top surface, and then perform mesh finishing. The main purpose is to prevent the surface of the speaker mesh after being processed, which will cause the deformation of the speaker mesh, thereby affecting the final electrode quality.