What does deep drawing often refer to in the processing of metal stamping parts?

2022-08-18 11:18

Do you know what the deep drawing often refers to in the processing of metal stamping parts? If you don't understand, please continue reading, because the following metal stamping parts manufacturer Jianchang Products will tell you. According to the introduction of Jianchang Products, metal stamping parts are products after a series of processes, and have different names in different processes, and the stretching refers to the transformation of straight wool or process parts into hollow parts, or hollow parts. A stamping process that further changes the shape and size. During deep drawing, the hollow part is mainly formed by the flow of material outside the bottom of the punch into the die. Dongguan Jianchang Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a company that provides components (including fuse clips, terminal blocks, stainless steel shrapnel, transformer brackets, plug pin hardware, electrical appliance hardware, grounding sheets, etc.) for manufacturers of home appliances, communications, and computers. A large-scale enterprise integrating development, production and sales. The company relies on strong technical equipment and professional technicians. In order to meet market demand, the company imports advanced equipment from abroad to improve production capacity. Over the years, the company relies on strong design, development, and manufacturing capabilities, so that product quality has won the majority of customers. The hardware components (including fuse clips, transformer brackets, plugs and speaker nets, etc.) produced have been well received by customers, and some products have been successfully exported to some countries in Southeast Asia.